Subversion Access

There are two ways to access subversion:

  1. Anonymous Access is for anyone to get the latest copy of the code (with svn info included)
  2. Developer Access is the next step if you find yourself regularly contributing to the code.

Note the "Browse Source" link above also allows downloading of the trunk folder as a zip file (with no svn info included).

Anonymous Access

Anyone may checkout a copy. You can try it, make changes to it and generate diffs, but not commit directly with svn. You may email the diffs to us though and this is a good starting point to becoming a developer.

 svn co gnuMimsTrunkHead

Developer Access (Custom SVN+SSH)

Developers need to generate a key pair. Where UserName is replaced with your name.

 ssh-keygen -t dsa -f UserName_dsa

Two files will be created:

  • ! is your public key.
  • Email a copy of the public key to us so we can add it to /home/svnuser/.ssh/authorized_keys on the svn server.
  • !UserName_dsa is your private key, keep it safe and use it for access.
  • You use the private key like this in: ~/.subversion/config
     customssh = /usr/bin/ssh -l svnuser -i /home/ME/.ssh/UserName_dsa

Notes: [tunnels] should already be a section in the config file. The full path to the key is required and the only things that should be changed are UserName and ME.

Once we have added your public key then you can try the test below. In the mean time please read SubversionUsage and CodingConventions.


 svn list svn+customssh://


 svn co svn+customssh:// gnuMimsTrunkHead
  • TortoiseSVN

Not tested yet as none of us use Tortoise. To generate a key under windows you may need to get Putty. Open Explorer file window, right-click in the file section (get a pop-up), choose: TortoiseSVN -> Settings -> "Network" Pane-> SSH Client:

C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin\TortoisePlink.exe -l svnuser -i C:/PATH/TO/UserName_dsa
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