Mysql Configuration

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Mysql configuration guide for gnuMims.

Default build/war settings:

  • Hostname = "sql01" (Setup DNS or add an entry to /etc/hosts)
  • Port = "3306" (The default MySQL port)
  • database = "gnumims_prod"
  • username = "gnumimsadmin" (This user must have all access to the database above)
  • password = "gnumimsadmin" (Having an open password is not a problem if MySQL is suitably firewalled and/or accepts only local connections)

Install Mysql and ensure the daemon is running. If not already done, login and set root password:

$ mysql -u root
SET PASSWORD FOR root@localhost = password('CHANGE_TO_PASSWORD'); 
flush privileges; 

Create the database for gnuMims:

$ mysql -p -u root
CREATE DATABASE gnumims_prod;
USE gnumims_prod;
GRANT ALL ON gnumims_prod.* TO gnumimsadmin@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'gnumimsadmin';
flush privileges; 
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