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For those serious about using gnuMims.
Feature details and usage recomendations.
As always feel free to contact us for any questions.


The reason for gnuMims' existance is asset management and as such comprehensive asset management is the primary goal.

  • Asset tree view.
  • Link, modify and copy as required.
  • Site, Section, Department, Asset, Sub Item (multiple levels).
  • Maintenance actions and life plan management.
  • Extended Attributes.
  • CSV import and export.


Assets require maintenance, to get maintenance actually done tasks must be planned, created and assigned.
Predictive, preventative, scheduled and breakdown maintenance is well supported.

  • Recurring tasks.
  • Task procedures.
  • Sub Tasks.
  • Target dates, priority and grouping.
  • Mutliple fault, cause and work entries per task.
  • Group and person assignment.


Advanced inventory management is a major requirement to keep any asset working.

  • Finding and booking out items.
  • Picture and storage location.
  • Direct links to multiple alternate items.
  • Direct links to spares for an asset.
  • Movement tracking.
  • Manufacturer and Supplier details.
  • Inventory purchasing.
  • Rotable equipment basic support, see ticket #61.
  • CSV import and export.


GnuMims helps to collect data efficiently and then turn that raw data into useful information.


Developed as a web application with high security standards.

  • Role based permissions.
  • Assign user or manager roles to Task, Inventory or Asset domains.
  • Security issue tickets are seperately tracked and responded to with high priority.
  • CSV import of users and roles.


Application administration by the provided online admin views.