23:56 Changeset [858] by gav

Add productionReference and down time to entry list template.

23:38 Changeset [857] by gav

Upgrade to jQuery-1.5.1, solves jqXHR.status null or not an object after ajax timeout.

23:34 Changeset [856] by gav

Update default ajax message.


23:55 Changeset [855] by gav

Set submitAction and remove name from default submit button to stop dual submit.

15:05 Changeset [854] by gav

Add ConditionSeverity legend to taskProcedureRevision show template.

04:50 Changeset [853] by gav

Fix small error in workLoad view, move tr inside tbody.


13:30 Changeset [852] by gav

Refactor show task tabHeader into a template.


18:33 Changeset [851] by gav

Complete and Flag buttons on ajax task entries, first draft.


14:07 Changeset [850] by gav

Task show ajax improvement, save/restore form and data if no response from server.

12:05 Changeset [849] by gav

Adjust ConditionSeverity base data, part 3.

12:01 Changeset [848] by gav

Adjust ConditionSeverity base data, part 2.

11:42 Changeset [847] by gav

Adjust ConditionSeverity base data.


00:26 TutorialVideos edited by Gavin
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00:20 TutorialVideos edited by Gavin


15:58 Changeset [846] by gav

Update Entry list and Task showTaskTab templates to use ajax create/save.

15:27 Changeset [845] by gav

Adjust taskShow.js scroll to height.

14:41 Changeset [844] by gav

Update taskShow.js to fix blur/fuzzy text in IE.
Also don't show button after validation error.

12:46 Changeset [843] by gav

Update task search and workLoad view, includes refactor of task table list into a template.

11:07 Changeset [842] by gav

Update TaskSearchService.workDone search to include "PM Entries".

11:05 Changeset [841] by gav

Update ConditionSeverity? base data.


23:54 Changeset [840] by gav

Fix task search filterpane memory bug.

23:19 Changeset [839] by gav

Added testSaveEntry and testSavePMEntryHighestSeverityValidation to TaskServiceTests, not perfect but they are tests.

23:17 Changeset [838] by gav

Update service, controller and view logic to hand Task and Entry highestSeverity.
Also remove associatedAssets from task search panes.

22:28 Changeset [837] by gav

Domain change, add highestSeverity to Entry, with custom validation.

14:52 Changeset [836] by gav

Fix early closed table row on clickableOdd/clickableEven list tables.

14:27 Changeset [835] by gav

Fix missing max and offset in TaskSearchService for person's tasks.

12:24 Changeset [834] by gav

AJAX Work Done and PM Entry, second draft, part 2.

12:24 Changeset [833] by gav

AJAX Work Done and PM Entry, second draft.

11:17 Changeset [832] by gav

Adjust fail sequence of TaskService.saveEntry slightly.


23:46 Changeset [831] by gav

Refactor taskShow.js.

22:29 Changeset [830] by gav

Use custom version of helpBalloon taglib in entry create template.

22:27 Changeset [829] by gav

Create custom taglib of helpBalloon to allow their usage in ajax rendered templates.


19:53 Changeset [828] by gav

Svn delete branches/features/taskProcedureRework.

12:59 Changeset [827] by gav

Remove trailing apostrophe from main layout gsp.


18:04 Changeset [826] by gav

AJAX PM Entry, first draft.

17:09 Changeset [825] by gav

Add jQuery AJAX util js and css, part 2.

12:11 Changeset [824] by gav

Add jQuery AJAX util js and css.

08:11 Changeset [823] by gav

Refactor task show view to use templates, ensure newlines at end of files.

08:07 Changeset [822] by gav

Refactor task show view to use templates.


17:45 Changeset [821] by gav

Domain change, add ConditionSeverity.

15:16 Changeset [820] by gav

Prevent 'condition' column wrapping on TaskProcedureRevision show template.


21:59 Changeset [819] by gav

Add jsUtil getContextPath().

08:18 Changeset [818] by gav

Improve message for tast.operationNotPermittedToChangeAssetWithMaintenanceActions.


20:57 Changeset [817] by gav

Display the machines assigned to a tasks procedure, on both the task show and asset life plan views.

20:50 Changeset [816] by gav

Add check to prevent changing a tasks primaryAsset if maintenanceActions have been created.

20:47 Changeset [815] by gav

Update task edit view to use /shared/messages.

20:30 Changeset [814] by gav

Add isDirty() during bootstrap, must be removed after upgrading to Grails-1.3 >.

17:44 Changeset [813] by gav

Remove inadvertantly commited action on TaskProcedure controller.

17:41 Changeset [812] by gav

Sort MaintenanceActions at create and update time.


21:20 Changeset [811] by gav

Domain change, adjust constraints on MaintenanceAction.

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18:13 Changeset [810] by gav

Shorten app_help url.


20:10 Changeset [809] by gav

Domain change, first draft of TaskProcedureRevisions.

03:34 Changeset [808] by gav

Make custom taglib domainValidator more lenient.


13:06 Changeset [807] by gav

Domain change, set Task.primaryAsset to lazy:false to fix small bug introduced in r799.


21:14 Changeset [806] by gav

Improve html and css formatting of taskProcedure edit and create views.

18:57 Changeset [805] by gav

Update help icon to link to gnuMims channel.


21:48 DeveloperStartPage edited by Amanda
21:47 TutorialVideos created by Amanda


17:54 Changeset [804] by gav

Update symlink for branches/util-apps/DomainUtil/grails-app/domain to point to trunk.

14:24 Changeset [803] by gav

Add clear task attention flag and complete confirmation.


12:17 Changeset [802] by gav

Task trash improvements.
Allow trashed parentTask to break subTask links (only with auth).
Prevent trashing of tasks linked to taskProcedure or Parent PM type tasks.

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