12:09 Changeset [767] by gav

Get TaskProcedure list view search basically working again, probably not needed in the long run.


23:04 Changeset [766] by gav

Add branches/util-apps/DomainUtil application.

22:52 Changeset [765] by gav

Svn move trunk/util-apps to branches/util-apps, part 2.

22:51 Changeset [764] by gav

Svn move trunk/util-apps to branches/util-apps.

22:42 Changeset [763] by gav

Re-enable createDemoMaintenanceActions() and add list action to MaintenanceActionController?.

22:04 Changeset [762] by gav

Domain change on TaskProcedure and MaintenanceAction, continue task procedure rework.

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18:55 Changeset [761] by gav

JQuery plugin uninstalled, including jQuery-1.4.4.min.js directly.
This leave Grails taglibs to use prototype.
Including jQuery before other javascript libs prevents conflicts and allows jQuery plugins and code to use 'jQuery' instead of '$' variable.


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05:35 Changeset [760] by gav

Domain change, frist draft of creating taskProcedure dynamic form.

05:33 Changeset [759] by gav

JQuery plugin installed, needs g:javascript tags in head.

03:29 Changeset [758] by gav

Domain change, adjust TaskProcedure to Task relationship.


19:16 Changeset [757] by gav

Remove non-detailed TaskProcedure controller and views.

19:00 Changeset [756] by gav

Domain change, remove unused field and tweak MaintenanceAction?.

18:43 Changeset [755] by gav

Remove unused asset field on taskProcedure in task show view.

18:41 Changeset [754] by gav

Domain change, remove unused fields from TaskProcedure?.

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02:58 Changeset [753] by gav

Start taskProcedureRework branch at r752.

02:50 Changeset [752] by gav

Add /trunk/util-apps, /branches/... and /tags/.. VCS structure directories.

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12:00 Changeset [751] by gav

Domain change: remove redundant LifePlan? domain.

11:57 Changeset [750] by gav

Update demo data with 'Parent PM' tasks.


15:19 Changeset [749] by gav

New task type 'Parent PM', display these tasks as 'Life Plan' in asset views.

13:40 Changeset [748] by gav

Small correction to cut-off words in reactiveRatio report.


15:33 Changeset [747] by gav

Allow 100 MaintenanceActions? in Task show view.

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